Gyutan – Must Eats in Sendai!

Last Update

January 25, 2020


“A Local Delicacy”

Feeling hungry? If you’re heading to Sendai there’s one dish that can’t be missed, Gyutan (牛タン). Grilled beef tongue is a symbol of Sendai and if you get to try it yourself you’ll find out why – deliciously smoky and flavorsome this is a tradition that’s been perfected since the 40s.

Unlike most other BBQ ‘Yakiniku’ dishes restaurants that specialize in Gyutan rarely offer up other dishes or deviate from the traditional thinly sliced tongue, seasoned with salt and pepper, served with wheat rice and ox-tail soup. If you tell someone you’re going to Sendai this is the dish they’re sure to recommend. Make sure to give it a try.



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