The Marujyu Soysauce & Seasoning Corp.

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November 2, 2023


Founded in 1844 as a safflower merchant, our company has been making miso since around 1889 and soy sauce since around 1912 . We launched our signature dashi soy sauce Aji Marujyu in 1964, and have been a pioneer in the field ever since. In response to changing lifestyles、we have also been developing new health-oriented, gourmet and instant foods, including soy sauce, processed soy sauce products, miso, and ready-to-eat retort food pouches. We obtained organic certification for our miso in 1999, ISO 9001 certification in 2000、and ISO 22000 certification in 2007. In」une 2014、we also obtained HALAL certification and are now shipping products for Muslims both domestically and abroad.

Tsuyahime Miso

This is a carefully selected koji (malted rice) misc with a highly fragrant and sweet flavor unique to the Tsuyahime variety of rice. Made with a 15 to 10 ratio of rice to soybeans, this miso has a rich aroma and sweetness, and a moderate salt content around 9.8%. By using 100% Yamagata-grown Tsuyahime rice and soybeans, we are able to bring out the natural sweetness and richness of miso.

Aji Marujyu Jelly

Our dashi soy sauce Aji Marujyu is now in jelly form.The jelly’s unique plump texture and translucent appearance will liven up your dishes, making them look and taste delicious. Use it as a topping on everyday dishes. It doesn’t drip or soak into food like traditional soy sauce, so it can be used for pinpoint seasoning. It’s a new and enjoyable way of seasoning your food that’s not possible with liquid soy sauce. We recommend it for sushi, sashimi, tempura, seafood rice bowls, cold or fried tofu, grilled vegetables, porkshabu salad, sauteed chicken, etc.

Dashi Soy SauceAji Marujyu

Aji Marujyu is an aromatic dashi soy sauce with plenty of umami flavor. The dashi is made of the first broth extracted from four types of fish: dried young tuna flakes, dried bonito flakes, dried mackerel flakes, and dried sardines. Unlike products made with large amounts of dashi concentrate, our dashi soy sauce retains its strong flavor even when diluted. Used as a seasoning for sushi, sashimi, boiled greens and other boiled dishes, you can easily enjoy the flavorful umami of dashi in a wide range of dishes. Using our dashi soy sauce will add a depth of flavor and a higher grade of finish to your cooking.


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