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November 2, 2023


Based in the heart of Yamagata at the foot of Mt. Gassan, we have been manufacturing noodles since 1949. Originally producing udon (wheat noodles), we now also manufacture and sell a variety of dried and fresh noodles such as soba (buckwheat noodles) and various kinds of pasta. Through careful selection of reliably sourced raw ingredients, and a firm adherence to the principles of making noodles by hand, we are determined to carry out artisanal production techniques. We make our products from a customer’ s point of view, and continually strive to increase the level of satisfaction of each and every customer. In response to the changing times, day by day we hope to continue to evolve and improve as a noodle manufacturing company.

Sakura Pasta

This pasta was modelled after」apan’ s iconic cherry blossoms (sakura). The additive-free noodles are naturally colored with beetroot to take on the pink color of cherry blossoms. Through our own original recipe, which includes drying at a low temperature for over thirty-six hours, the noodles retain their shape and chewy texture even after boiling. Used as a garnish on a variety of Japanese soups, salads and boiled dishes, it can act as a focal point to help experience the four seasons of Japan. Selected as a local specialty that can be enjoyed both in Japan and abroad, it won the America Prize at the 2017 Souvenir Grand Prix. It was also featured on Japan’ s NHK news.

Snowflake Pasta

Inspired by the perpetual snowfalls of Mt. Gassan, this is the world’s only snowflake shaped macaroni. Not only is it beautiful, but its unique shape allows it to bind well with any pasta sauce. The chewy texture, similar to fresh pasta, makes it one of our most popular products. Shaped with authentic Italian pasta machines, it is then slowly dried at a low temperature for two days. ln 2014 and 2015 this pasta was exhibited at the Maison & Ob jet trade fair in Paris. On May 12th 2015, it was featured in the food section of the Yomiuri Newspaper. It also won the 2014 Good Design Award and the 2014 Food Action Nippon Award for best commercial products.

Gassan Mugikiri

Mugikiri is a traditional type of thin udon (wheat noodle) of Yamagata Prefecture. The origin of the name comes from “mugi” meaning wheat and’kiri’ meaning cut. In comparison with hand-stretched inaniwa udon, the dough of this wheat noodle is cut with a knife, hence the name mugikiri. Made from wheat grown in Japan, the noodles are aged over a long period of time resulting in a nice chewy texture that goes down smoothly. Especially popular in summer, this is our number one ordered product.


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