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Benefits of Joining

The portal site offers members a one stop shop for appealing and marketing to visitors from overseas.
●Video content targeted at overseas viewers for promoting tourism (Spread across Social Media via Facebook)
●Producing new video content (subtitles for ASEAN countries, narration available)
●Mail orders to overseas (Products introduced in video content and then sold abroad)
●Exhibition and sale of products at Japan Festivals held throughout ASEAN countries

(excluding sales tax)
Annual Fee
(excluding sales tax)
10,000JPY 1 Unit 60,000JPY (2x Content Upload)

Early membership special promotion (Until December 2019)
※No Membership Fee!  ※Annual Fee Discount (60,000 JPY→50,000JPY)

Upon becoming a member have your website linked on the ‘Amazing! Michinoku Life’ website run by the Tohoku Bureau of Telecommunications

How to Apply

Please send all enquiries to the address below.
Mail:  info[@]tohoku-inbound.jp
※When sending a mail please change [@] to @


Send inquiries to the Tohoku Inbound Association using the information below:

General Incorporated Association Tohoku Inbound Association
981-0811 Aoba-ku Ichiban-Cho 2-8-10, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
Aioi Nissay Dowa Sonpo Bld. 5F Within Tele-more.com (Co.,Ltd.) Supervisor: Ichikawa
Tel: 022-261-9481 Fax: 022-261-9482


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