Sendai’s Soul Food

Last Update

December 24, 2019


Want some good eats in Sendai but want something a little more off the beaten track? Well fret no more we’re here to introduce some local soul food. Sankaku-age (三角揚げ) also known as abura-age is a deep-fried Tofu dish famous in Sendai, crispy and savory this treat is often served with Soy Sauce or red pepper flakes.

Perhaps the most famous location to try Sankaku-age is at Jogi-Tofuten (定義とうふ店) near Jogi Nyorai Saihoji Temple (定義如来西方寺). Long lines form every day to try this deep friend dish and we can see why!

If you’re looking for something to hit the spot while exploring the area make sure to check it out when you head to Sendai.


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