A Festival of Lights in Sendai

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December 1, 2019


“The Shining Symbol of Winter”

Sendai is also known by locals as ‘Miyako no Mori’ (都の杜) or the ‘city of trees’ due to large areas of the city’s streets being lined with beautiful greenery.

One of the largest stretches of trees is located on the Jozendori (定禅寺通り) Avenue. Which every winter is turned into a magical winter wonderland when over 600,000 lights cover hundreds of trees lighting up the night sky. This event is called ‘Hikari no Pageant’ (光のページェント) or in English ‘the pageant of starlight’.

Perfect for couples or families to enjoy the winter illuminations take place every year during December up until the end of the month. Be sure not to miss the Santa Claus parade if you happen to be visiting on the 23rd.


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