Shikisai LLC.

Last Update

November 2, 2023


Carrying on the wishes of my late father, our company was founded in October of 2021. The company name Shikisai(四喜彩)is made up of three Chinese characters meaning four, joy and color. Four represents the lour members of our family (me, my wife and our three children), while joy and color refer to how we try to live our lives. Born and raised in Senboku City in Akita Prefecture, and now based in Yamagata, I also want the color of the region’s lour seasons to be reflected in the products we make. Using our own original drying technique on produce grown mainly in Yamagata, our locus is on producing high-quality dried fruits. We try to make our dried fruits from so called “substandard” fruit that often gets discarded just for a bad shape or appearance. Without the use of any artificial additives or preservatives, we work hard day after day to offer safe and healthy products to the customer.

Apple Jealousy

This is our signature dried fruit product. It’ s made from apples grown in Higashine City in Yamagata Prefecture using organic (or reduced agrochemical) techniques. We’ ve all heard of fruit being thrown out just because of its bad shape or appearance. Well, we decided to make use of such apples for th is product. Using our own original “low temperature no heat” drying method, we were able to create a novel kind of dried fruit. Made only from apples, without any additives or preservatives, this dried fruit is safe to eat even for young children. The more you chew, the more apple flavor fills your mouth. Delicious, safe and worry free. We vow to deliver these values to the dining table.

Peach Jealousy

My wife comes from a family of peach farmers. On 1.5 acres of land, they grow safe and worry-free peaches without the use of chemical fertilizers. Like apples, a lot of peaches are discarded due to their bad shape or appearance. We don’t want any farmer’s effort to go to waste, so we applied our original drying technique on these peaches as well to create a new and exciting dried fruit. From first bite, these dried peaches gradually melt in your mouth. Of course, they can be eaten as is, but I also recommend adding them to tea or liquor. Just like our dried apples, this product doesn’t contain any additives or preservatives. It’s a sweet dried fruit that melts in your mouth. Please try it at least once.


Using our special drying technique, we made this novel dried fruit from Yamagata’s original otome-gokoro variety of strawberry. A lot of dried strawberries on the market today contain extra sugar, but ours is free of any additives and artificial coloring. After sterilization, each strawberry is carefully checked before being finished off in the drying process. We named this product after the jealousy one might feel of the extravagantly moist and delicious flavor. Please enjoy it while imagining the snow-covered winter landscape of Yamagata.


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