Sanwa Pickled Food Products Inc.

Last Update

November 2, 2023


We are a Japanese pickle manufacturing company located in the town ofTakahata in Yamagata Prefecture. We have been making various kinds of pickled vegetables for fifty-eight years. Not only do we make traditional pickled vegetables coming from the natural surrounding area, but we also put our expertise to use in developing new kinds of pickles and side dishes. Not beholden to just pickling, we are always trying new things. For example, we’ve added cooking facilities to help expand our range of products, and we’ve introduced quick freezing equipment that allows us to send our products farther away. With a high priority on safety and quality, we work hard day after day to manufacture the best products for our customers.


Yamagata Dashi

This is Yamagata’s traditional local pickled dish made of various summer vegetables and herbs such as cucumbers, eggplant, green onions, shiso and Japanese ginger. We labored to make an easy to eat dashi that could be enjoyed by all. In doing so, we came up with several adjustment to seasoning such as adding kombu (kelp seaweed), and cutting the cucumber and eggplant into easy to eat (but difficult to replicate) 3mm cubes. We feel that the addition of kombu lends a nice viscosity and mouth/eel, while the addition of dried bonito extract increases the umami. As appetites decline during the hot summers of Japan, our Yamagata dashi can serve as a refreshing, all-purpose pickled condiment to be enjoyed on a variety of dishes such as rice, tofu and noodles.  山形のだし



Omizuke is another local, traditional pickle of Yamagata. It is thought to have originated when a merchant from Omi province (present-day Shiga Prefecture) came up to Yamagata and came across some discarded leafy greens. The merchant minced the greens with carrot and daikon radish and massaged them well together to make this pickled dish. The leafy greens of Yamagata are harvested from October to November, and in contrast to common mustard greens, retain their crisp texture even after pickling. Our omizuke is an old-fashioned style of pickles with a nice, leafy green flavor and a faint aroma of shiso seed. It can be eaten by itself as a single dish, or it can be enjoyed as a topping on rice and rice porridge.


Yamagata Uma-Kimchi Dashi

This is a kimchi made from five vegetables: cucumbers, Chinese cabbage, daikon radish, carrots and garlic chives. You can enjoy the different texture and flavor of each vegetable in this kimchi. Through the addition of minced kombu (kelp seaweed) and dried bonito extract, it takes on a Japanese taste with a robust flavor that comes through the spiciness of the kimchi. In addition, the kimchi sauce itself contains a fair amount of grated apple and apple juice, giving the product a mild and fruity finish. It makes a good side dish to rice, as well as a delicious topping on dishes such as tofu, beef noodle soup and rice porridge.


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