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November 2, 2023


Based in Higashine City in Yamagata Prefecture, Miura Shokuhin Co.,LTD.specializes in the manufacturing of dried noodles such as soba, udon and ram en. Our main product is Japanese soba, and our trademark Zao Sob a has been a popular brand in Japan for over fifty years. The main characteristics of our products are the high quality of the noodles, and the high level of manufacturing technique that makes the best use of each ingredient. We develop and manufacture a wide range of high brand products including soba made with Yamagata’s branded buckwheat flour, as well as matcha soba which responds to the growing popularity of Japanese cuisine around the world. Recently, we have also focused on the production of packaged ramen with soup to meet the growing popularity of high-end and local gourmet ramen. As proof of this effort, one of our most popular products in Japan is ourTori Chu-ka ramen.

Kojun Matcha Soba

This is a fragrant soba (buckwheat noodle) with the pleasant taste of matcha. Made with green tea grown in Japan, and developed with the aim of a higher level of class and distinction, this product is in great demand both domestically and abroad. Using Japan’ s famous Nishio matcha, and containing twice the amount as conventional products, this soba noodle is rich in matcha flavor. We use buckwheat flour made from the dewakaori variety of soba grown in Yamagata, and make sure all other ingredients are domestically grown. The patterned and slightly crimped surface of the noodles allows it to bind well with soup, resulting in a truly enjoyable mouthfeel.

Zao Saba

This is a classic brand of Japanese soba loved for many years in the noodle-loving prefecture of Yamagata. Already an essential part of Japanese cuisine, we aimed for a more delicious and enjoyable sob a by continually making improvements to our brand. Popular even overseas, it is widely sold at supermarkets and served at many Japanese restaurants as well. Made with aromatic buckwheat flour and worked to a nice chewy texture, this soba’s strong point is that can be served both cold or warm in a variety of dishes. The thick, dark noodles are also reminiscent of old-fashioned soba with a more enjoyable buckwheat flavor and texture.

Tori Chu-ka

Originating in Yamagata, typically known for soba, this is a type of ramen that is gaining popularity throughout Japan. Made in the image of a typical soba broth, the slightly sweet soup of this ramen contains ample amounts of both bonito and chicken broth. Though still maintaining the taste of Japanese cuisine, it also possesses the full body and delicious flavor typical of ramen. The broad noodles match especially well with the soup and have a nice texture that goes down smoothly. Much like soba, it tastes even better with toppings such as chicken, chopped nori seaweed and green onions Prepared simply by dissolving the concentrated soup in hot water, this is a delicious ramen that can be easily enjoyed anywhere


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