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February 25, 2021


How to Cook Halal AOMORI Black Garlic Pepperoncino

In this episode we will introduce a Japanese Style Pepperoncino using the Aomori Black Garlic Pepperoncino !
Healthy eating with a hint of Japanese Mentsuyu Sauce!

How to cook Mizunasu

This episode will introduce Osaka Senshu Mizunasu using ‘s Kewpie Mayonaise, Sesame Soy Sauce to make a Vegetable dip with a local taste .
Try Mizunasu an eye opening experience with a Juciy taste.

How to cook Japanese Halal Teriyaki Donburi

This episode will introduce Chicken Teriyaki Donburi using Yamagata Prefecture’s Marujyuoya Halal Teriyaki Sauce. Drizzle Kewpie Mayonaise to make it your style…

How to cook Japanse Style【Semi dry Raisin Fried Rice】

This episode will introduce Japanese Style Fried Rice using Yamagata Prefecture’s Marujyuoya Halal Udon Sauce, Akita Semi Dry Fried Rice.

How to Cook Japanese Halal Udon with Fish Sausage, Carrot Tempura

This episode will introduce Tempura Kake Udon using Yamagata Prefecture’s Marujyuoya Halal Udon Sauce, Sanriku Fish Sausage Tempura, Fukushima Gozen Carrot Tempura, Yamagata Mogami Maitake Tempura. Drizzle Kewpie Mayonaise in the batter to make a crispy Tempura!

How to Cook Grilled White Asparagus With Cincalok

This episode will introduce Iwate Prefecture Winter White Asparagus recipe “Grilled White Asparagus With Cincalok” We will be using and introducing Iwate Prefecture Winter White Asparagus that is preciously grown in Winter, Kewpie Hala Sesame dressing.

Learn how to use Maitake Mushroo and turn it into a delicious Salad!
This episode will introduce Mogami Maitake Mushroom Salad using Yamagata Prefecture’s Mogami Maitake, Kewpie Halal Sesame Sauce to make a simple and healthy recipe to control your weight!

Gozen Carrot Daifuku
This episode will introduce Gozen Carrot Daifuku using Fukushima Prefecuture’s Gozen Carrot.
Gozen Carrots are very sweet as grown in cold weather.

Learn how to use a Kirimochi (Cut and packaged) to easily create a Daifuku !
Even in Japan, Japanese consume Traditional Sweets to lower the calorie .
Japanese sweets have less calorie and fat than cakes, whipping reams etc.




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