Namahage Spirit – Oga, Akita

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October 1, 2020


There are still so many undiscovered tales for you to discover from around Tohoku.

Namahage, are demon-like creatures that have a deep connection to the history of the peninsula of Oga in Akita Prefecture. Some refer to the Namahage as deities and every year they are the main focus of a New Year’s ritual that is observed throughout Oga.

This ritual sees local people dressed as Namahage pay visit to the homes of locals while scaring children into promising to be good throughout the year.

The Namahage also have a big role to play in the Sedo Festival held at Shinzan Shrine in February, where they are summoned from the mountains to perform dances and a Taiko drum performance before descending the mountains into the city.

For more information about Oga and the Namahage, visit:


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