A La Date in the Winter

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November 1, 2019


A La Date Voyage Winter

Nestled away in Osaki City is a hub where you can rest way your travel tiredness. The a-la-Datena Michinoeki is the perfect place to try local foods, find souvenirs, and rest as you travel around Osaki and the surrounding area. Depending on the season, the michi-no-eki service station also puts on a bunch of events throughout the year so there’s always some fun to be had!

The above promotional movie was created by a-la-Datenna Michinoeki to give you an idea of what you can get up to around the area. Make sure to check it out! This is the Winter Version that features beautiful snowy landscapes! Why not check out the autumn version here too.

For more information about the A-la-Datenna Michi-no-eki check out the website here:


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