Tamamushi Lacquerware

Last Update

November 20, 2019


Tamamushi Lacquerware as done by TOHOKU KOGEI is a tradition that has continued in Sendai since the 30s. This unique style of lacquerware is named after jewel beetles (tamamushi) due to their rainbow colored wings which reflect light in a similar way to the lacquerware.

Products range from bowls, chop-sticks, fans and often special limited edition tamamushi goods are created to commemorate certain events – such as the 2020 Olympics.

Tohoku Kogei prides itself on creative crafts that are not only ‘ornamental’ in nature but also serve a practical purpose – recently a more modern line of works has also been released in the form of ‘Touch Classic’ – a trendier version of this traditional craft.

For more information visit the Tohoku Kogei website for more:


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