See the Past with Your Own Eyes! Aoba Castle VR

Last Update

March 26, 2020


“Witness how the feudal lords of Sendai lived”

Sendai is a place steeped in Samurai history – once a land ruled over by the Date clan remnants of this history exist around the city today. Sendai Castle (also known as Aoba Castle) however was destroyed after the Second World War but the remains have remained open to the public as a tourist spot. The site of Aoba Castle offers some of the best views of the city but it was always missing a something… i.e. a castle.

But fear not! Now through the magic of VR you can view the site of where the castle once stood as you walk around the area. These special goggles provided by the Aoba Castle Museum let you see life during the time of feudal lords and experience history like never before.

VR tours are held daily at regular intervals – just check with the Aoba Castle Museum Staff when you head to the site of Aoba Castle. Be sure to check out the Museum itself as well which is full of relics and trinkets relating to the history of the castle and the Date clan.


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